New content added in "Site Exclusives"

Over the years, I've accumulated a lot of work, which has never been published, finished, or even collected in a single place. Rather than let it continue to languish on old hard drives, I've decided to let it languish on a barely trafficked website instead.

That's why I've added a new section called "Site Exclusives." This will be a repository for work old and new. Whether fiction, personal essay, screenplay, or whatever else I've got kicking around, anything that isn't contracted to be published elsewhere is eligible to show up here.

To get things going, I've uploaded three pieces, two of which have never been shared beyond an inner circle of friends and family.

"My Life in Turkey Guts" is a personal essay that I wrote for a college course, which went on to win the prestigious Emerson College Senior Writing Award for Non-Fiction, popularly known as the ECSWANF, for the class of 2003. If you love Thanksgiving dinner but don't especially wish to know how the turkey makes it from the farm to your table, consider yourself warned.

Elite, or l33t, was my first successful attempt at participating in National Novel Writing Month. The first draft was completed in December 2009 (but I hit the word count in November!), and the book has been lightly revised in the interim. The excerpt I've posted chronicles a first date between the main character and an intriguing young woman, and a conversation that forces the main character to look at himself honestly.

Season High is a screenplay idea I've been working on for -- good lord, 12 years or so. Of course, when I say "working on," I mean that in the most euphemistic sense. My friend RJO Stewart and I completed most of a draft during the summer of 2004 and then abandoned it. In the intervening decade, I thought about Season High a lot, but didn't do any more work on it until a fresh start in 2015. It is not done.

Hope you enjoy these! I plan to add work old and new, just as soon as I submit the manuscript I'm currently working on, and then take a six-week nap.